Can I get help?

No. No new applications for Green Deal loans were approved following Government announcement on 23 July 2015.

All the information below about how the Green Deal scheme works applies only to applications before that date.

Is the Green Deal my only way to get advice on how to cut my energy use at home? 

If you would like a detailed Energy Assessment for your own use which is not part of the Green Deal but is specifically tailored to your personal wishes, there are alternatives. Local company ExpertEnergy offer a 10% discount off all prices as advertised on their website to people who mention WinACC to them, and they give a donation to WinACC for the referral. ExpertEnergy provide energy and thermal imaging surveys for homeowners and businesses. 

If you want general advice, and you are live in a home owned by Winchester City Council or a housing association (Registered Social Landlord), ring 01962 217844  or email, and our adviser will talk through the problem and suggest what you could do.

If you want general advice, and you are an owner-occupier or private tenant, contact Hitting the Cold Spots on 0800 804 8601 (run by the Environment Centre, Southampton) and they will talk through the problem and suggest what you could do.

How do I find a reliable builder or supplier?

WinACC can't recommend companies because we can't work out how to do it without risking getting sued. Here are our suggestions about how to find a reiiable company.

Loft full of stuff?

If your loft is full of possessions, it may need to be emptied before loft insulation can be installed. If you are unable to do this yourself, some insulation installers can – ask them to quote.

Are there incentives for landlords to install energy efficiency measures in their rented properties?

A law is being introduced in 2018 that F or G rated houses will not be lettable, forcing landlords to make energy efficient improvements to their properties.


How did the Green Deal work? 

You get an assessment done by a qualified Green Deal assessor.  They must be part of an approved Green Deal Assessment Organisation.  They assess your home and give you an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).  They also ask questions about your lifestyle.  Then they give you a Green Deal report.  
A Green Deal report gives a list of things that the Green Deal could help you do to your home, with an indication of how much energy each would save, and how much each would cost. To qualify for Green Deal Loan, you will need this assessment and then you can contact a Green Deal provider to arrange for the work to be done.

How do I get the works done, and paid for?

If you decide to do at least some of the things, you still have the choice to opt out of or stay with the Green Deal. If you prefer, you can opt out of the Green Deal at this point, and find your own builders to make any of the improvements you choose.

If you want to get the  Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, the builders you choose must be registered Green Deal suppliers. You can find out which companies are registered to invite to give you a quotation on the Green Deal ORB website.

If you prefer to stay with the Green Deal, you can ask a Green Deal provider to arrange for the work to be done. If they wil do this for you, you haven’t had to find a reliable builder, you don’t have to supervise the work, and you get the benefit of the Green Deal providers’ guarantees of quality, and insurance against things going wrong. This is true even if you only want to do some of the things in the assessment. And it’s true whether or not you borrow money from the Green Deal loan.

If you need to borrow money to pay for the improvements – whether you are organising them yourself or going through a Green Deal provider – you can use the Green Deal assessment to show your mortgage company, bank or other lender how much you need to borrow, and demonstrate that you can pay it back.

And finally, if you want to, you can get a Green Deal loan at a fairly high rate of interest to cover the cost of the assessment and the improvements. But you don’t have to! You can drop out at any stage, and your only expense is the original assessment.

Does it make financial sense to take out a Green Deal loan?

Not if you have the money in the bank or can borrow more cheaply elsewhere. Few of the people who need to borrow to make their homes greener will need to use a Green Deal loan. Most will borrow more cheaply from a mortgage or the bank of Mum, with a lower rate of interest, a shorter-term, and lower, or no, penalties for early repayment.

The Green Deal finance company says that the APR of a Green Deal loan is lower than the APR of a long-term bank loan once you add in annual fees, risk of changes in the interest rate, etc

What about the interest rate for Green Deal finance?

DECC are quoting a maximum interest rate of 6.92%.

Is that a bit high?

Compared to mortgage interest rates for home-owners, yes.

Compared to short-term personal loans on the high street, this is a competitive rate.

Your assessor should be able to discuss the finance options available and confirm the interest rate if you are interested in taking Green Deal finance.