More money for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) was announced on 10 December 2014.   

What is it?
The scheme provides cashback for homeowners towards the cost of energy efficiency improvements, including insulation, new boilers and replacement doors and windows.  Up to £1000 is available for up towards the cost of carrying up to two listed measures, and an additional £500 can be claimed if you have purchased your home in the last year.
How do I get money back?
You must have a recent Energy Performance Certificate or Green Deal Home Advice Report which recommends the improvements you want to carry out, and use a Green Deal provider for the works. In order to claim the money back you also need to apply for a GDHIF voucher before having any work carried out.  
How long does the scheme run for?
Until the money for each tranche runs out - indeed all the vouchers for solid wall insulation have already been claimed within 48 hours of the announcement, so it is important to act quickly.  It is expected that another tranche of funding will be announced in February 2015 in case you miss out this time.
For more information visit the government's Green Deal website.