Get involved in WinACC

Meet like-minded people to share experiences and work together to reduce Winchester’s carbon footprint, and get:

  • practical information and advice about cutting your carbon footprint
  • news about events and local activities on climate change
  • influence over WinACC’s activities
  • knowledge and skills to help your career.

By getting involved in WinACC, you can:

  • join others in making a real difference to your local area
  • influence people in power by demonstrating your support for WinACC’s aims
  • be part of a forward-looking and growing movement
  • demonstrate your commitment to reducing carbon emissions
  • show that you care about the future of the planet and its people
  • support a fairer society which shares resources more equally
  • create a more sustainable world for your children and grandchildren to inherit
  • feel good about your personal contribution to tackling climate change.

Save energy, save money, and feel good!

For organisations, it can also enhance your reputation with staff, customers and suppliers, and may
bring competitive advantages.

Get involved in WinACC today.

Become a WinACC member

As well as getting involved, why not sign the WinACC pledge and become a member of Winchester Action on Climate Change Limited.

Member rights

WinACC members have the right under the law and our constitution to:

  • get an annual report and accounts showing what WinACC is doing
  • vote at general meetings and take important decisions such as appointing trustees

Each member, whether they are an individual or an organisation, has one vote.

WinACC members can stand for election as a WinACC trustee, which would give you much greater
involvement in running WinACC.

Member obligations

We hope that you will actively support WinACC’s aims, for example by participating in our activities and cutting your carbon footprint. Your only legal obligation is to pay up to £1 should WinACC ever be dissolved, to help meet any debts or liabilities. We aim to manage WinACC’s finances in such a way that this would not be needed.

Join WinACC by signing the WinACC Pledge