Amey is an organisation working in partnership with Hampshire County Council to maintain and
improve Hampshire's road network.

Naomi Nicholson is the Environmental Manager for Amey on the Hampshire Term Highways Contract and is repsonsible for managing all aspects of environmental management, including two major aspects of Amey's works, which includes minimisation of waste as well as the reduction of their carbon footprint.

They aim to reduce their footprint by routine maintenance on all their vehicles, which are Euro IV or V as standard,  speed limiters, planning to install a telematics system to their vehicles to prevent unauthorised driving, highlight poor performers (speeding, acceleration) and provide them with green driver training,  improved route planning and closely monitored fuel consumption.  Amey have hosted a green company car day where all employees were invited to test drive the new range of lower emission company cars available.  Employees have benefited for the new lower emission vehicles as they have saved money due to the lower taxes on them-particularly the Toyota Prius.