In case you are wondering what to ask people who knock on your door, here are some suggested questions:

1.    Do you agree that climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face today, and that the city council has a responsibility to respond to it?
2.    The City Council has made a commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of Winchester district by 20 per cent by 2012. What do you plan to do to achieve this target?
3.    What measures would your party take to meet the 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 set by the Climate Change Act 2008?
4.    Following the failure to agree binding action by world leaders at Copenhagen in December 2009 what should UK policy be?
5.    What level of air travel do you consider sustainable in a low carbon future?
6.    Renewable energy sources have great potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy security, local employment and export earnings. How would your party support this sector of the economy?
7.    We cannot continue to focus on economic growth. We need a drastic reduction in the energy intensity of the economy to respond to climate change and the coming energy crisis. So how would you change the economic orthodoxy, so we can make the fundamental changes required? How can the current focus on economic growth be reconciled with the finite resources of our planet. 
8.    Reports from the Royal Academy of Engineering have suggested that we do not have sufficient skills in the UK to support the transition to a low carbon economy. What will your party do to address the skills gap and develop the expertise we require?
9.    What measures will you take to tackle the looming oil supply crisis?
10.The Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor recently issued a warning on Food Security – in other words, making sure that we in the UK have enough food in the future.. What would your party do to seek to ensure Food Security for UK?
11.Do you support Local Carbon Budgets? Would you support and encourage local policies to help Winchester and other local authorities to stimulate the transition to a sustainable community?
12.How should people react if politicians continue to show that they are incapable of facing up to, and taking action to combat climate change?
13.What would your party do to combat fuel poverty caused by rising energy prices?