WinACC has asked for this statement to be made available to members of the WCC Planning Development Control Committee at its meeting on 7 April 2011.

Case no 10/01650/FUL / W00590/27

1. WinACC does not argue for or against applications for planning permission. Our concern is that decisions are based on the implications for climate change and, in particular, for the use of fossil fuels and emissions of greenhouse gases.

2. There are arguments for and against the proposed Sainsbury’s store at Bishop’s Waltham. WinACC asks the Councillors, in making their decision, to take into account data on:

1. The carbon footprint of creating the store.

2. The carbon footprint of operating the store, including consideration of:

• Energy conservation standards of the buildings which house the store, e.g. heating, cooling, lighting, insulation, draught-proofing etc.
• Amount and efficiency of refrigeration, often a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in food stores.
• Transport miles and fuel consumed in moving goods from source to store. Low carbon sourcing generally means local sourcing, especially of food. But it also means avoiding centralised distribution depots which transport local food and goods long distances and back again.
• Transport miles and fuel consumed in moving goods from store to home. This needs to take account of:
a. home delivery vehicles
b. shoppers using their own cars
c. ease of shopping using public transport
d. facilities for shopping by bicycle
• The extent to which the site and facilities on the site enable people to do their shopping on foot, by bicycle and by public transport.

3. Critically, data and robust estimates for the proposed new store should be compared with data and robust estimates for the status quo, in order to make a sound judgement regarding the proposed development’s overall impact on carbon emissions.

4. Without data, comments whether by WinACC or anyone else, are basically guesswork. We have not seen sufficient data in the report to Councillors to equip them to make a decision based on evidence of impact on carbon emissions.

5. If the Council were to decide to grant planning permission for the proposed store, WinACC would ask Members to set conditions, as far as they are permitted, to improve the store's performance in the areas outlined above. As well as the building design, this could include how the store is run e.g. requirements to purchase a significant percentage of its food from local suppliers and not transport goods to a distant depot; to adopt the lowest carbon refrigeration and not to leave freezer doors open.