BREATHE logoBREATHE for  better air, transport, health and environment.  We hope you will run your own  BREATHE actions. See our guidelines on using the name, strapline, logo and posters

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BREATHE stands for better air, transport, health and environment.

BREATHE isn’t owned by WinACC.  (New to BREATHE? see What is BREATHE?)

We hope other groups will pick it up and run with it.

WinACC’s focus is the climate changing effect of air pollution.  Others can focus on other aspects such as ill-health.

We want to spread the idea.

Please follow these guidelines:

Policy-makers, politicians, public institutions and business can make changes to shape a better world. Everyone who backs BREATHE can decide what they want to ask for.

Here are some examples of changes in Winchester District that BREATHE Winchester calls for:


The government's bid to delay publications of the air quality plan until end of June - after the general election - has been rejected. The court has set a new deadline of 4pm on May 9th, after the local elections.

We launched BREATHE for better air, transport, health and environment at our meeting on 1 April 2017. We want the BREATHE name and logo to be taken up by everyone who wants better air, transport, health and environment. We hope you will run your own BREATHE actions.

On Saturday 1 April 2017, environmental campaigners in Winchester launched a new initiative, BREATHE: for better air, transport, health and environment. Posters will be going up in windows “We back BREATHE” with a distinctive green thumbs-up sign.


Burning fossil fuel for transport produces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Climate change is causing increasing damage to health. Burning fossil fuel also produces air pollution that is directly harmful to health. We must design our towns and our lives so that we aren't forced to rely on polluting private cars. See also our transport pages and Global Action Plan's National Clean Air Day website.

Walking is a form of transport too! Find out more about Feet First, the City Council theme for 2016/2017. You may also want to look at our page on urban design, traffic and trade to find out more about walking, cars and local shops.


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