The simplest changes are often the most effective – in particular, draughtproofing costs little but can have a big effect on energy saving and comfort.



Draught-proofing can be achieved with simple and low-cost materials.  The Windows and Doors leaflet gives more information on improving the fit of uPVC windows simply by adjusting bolts and hinges.  Stopgap (stopgaps.com) (right) is a quick solution for sealing gaps under skirting boards and between floorboards in particular. 

Attention should also be paid to areas where pipes and cables enter the building, e.g. meter cupboards, airing cupboards and under kitchen units as there are often gaps in the walls that can be filled quite easily with expanding foam.

If you have unused flues or chimneys then these should be blocked up to prevent warm air from being drawn out from the house .


Costs and savings

Comprehensive draught-proofing should cost no more than £150-£200, and pay for themselves in around a year in energy savings.


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