Professor Tim Jackson, the Economics Commissioner of the Sustainable Development Commission, has recently published a paper on the transition to a more sustainable economy.

The author points out the recent banking crisis offers “potential to engage in serious reflection” and that it is an opportunity to “address financial and ecological sustainability together”, with the paper highlighting the two are “intimately related”.

The report clearly shows the problems faced, labelling the recent growth of the global economy over the past half century as “The Age of Irresponsibility”, claiming it must end for us to move towards a more sustainable growth.

“Prosperity with limits” is the central theme of what the author concludes, with him pointing towards a speech made by Barack Obama, “In the end, this economic agenda won’t just require new money .It will require a new spirit of cooperation… We will be called upon to take part in a shared sacrifice and shared prosperity”.

The report clearly highlights the problems facing the world today, with many factors which need to be acted on by politicians, as well as the general public if we are to save our planet, and move towards a more sustainable way of life.

For the full report, follow the link:

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