This is a report by English Heritage.
The UK government consider climate change is probably the greatest long-term challenge facing the human race and have made it a priority for the UK to cut our carbon dioxide concentrations, which are believed to contribute to climate change.

This guide looks at a range of improvements that can be made to reduce the heat lost through a building's walls, windows, floor and roof. Most of these improvements are within the capabilities of a competent DIY enthusiast. This guide is one of a series of guides looking at reducing energy consumption in traditionally constructed homes. While this guide considers improvements to building's preformance through insulation and energy efficiency measures, other guides will focus on the application of small-scale renewable energy technologies, explaining how each system works and what you need to consider if you wish to instill it in or on a historic building. All the guides look at small-scale or 'Microgeneration' as it is known. Microgeneration is defined by Government as "The production of heat and/or electricity on a small-scale from a low carbon source".
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