Saturday, 27 February 2010 - 2:00pm to Sunday, 28 February 2010 - 2:00pm
Greening Fulflood homes across Fulflood will open their doors to visitors on the 27th and 28th of February between 2.00 and 4.30. Addresses and what you can see below. Look at other people's homes and chat to the owners about their experiences with sun pipes, under-floor,  cavity and roof insulation, effective LED lighting,  wood burning stoves, double glazed sash windows, solar thermal panels and more.  
  • Look closely at the installations at each address
  • discuss the practicalities of installing them
  • consider the benefits, both in terms of reduced bills and improved facilities,
  • and share your useful hints and tips.

Part of the Love Your Home weekend and the 20:12 challenge.

Just call in from 2 to 4:30pm on Saturday on Saturday 27 or Sunday 28 February, unless otherwise indicated.

1    163 Greenhill Road (ring 01962-867902 first)
Solar hot water panels; double glazing; OWL electricity meter; cavity-wall insulation 
2    142 Greenhill Road (ring 01962-853234 first)
Wood-burning stove; double glazing; composting bays; cavity-wall insulation; low-energy light bulbs; thermostatic radiator valves; organic locally supplied fruit and vegetables (Riverford).  
3    38 Cheriton Road
Solar hot water panels, specialist hot water tank; cavity-wall and loft insulation (through the council scheme – easy); condensing boiler; thermostatic radiator valves; double glazing (wood and plastic casement frames); remote eco-switches for easy switching-off of standby; open fire fuelled by wood from tree surgeons, sawdust briquettes and home-made newspaper logs (slow burning); a variety of energy-saving light sources (halogen downlighters, compact fluorescent (CFL) low-energy light-bulbs, wind-up torch); wildlife garden; composting; water butt; vegetable garden; obtaining goods on Freecycle; local food (such as Riverford delivery). Activities: Making newspaper logs, using seasonal vegetables. 
4    11 Fordington Avenue
Insulated secondary wooden floors; double-glazed wooden casement windows with aluminium covering; loft and cavity-wall insulation; 2KW and 8KW wood-burning stoves; upgraded boiler with tank for solar water heating (to be fitted); thermostatic radiator valves; 5W LED downlighters (warm and cool white); various compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs; 2 and 4 litre dual-flush WCs, composting; water butts (normally attached to rain water pipes, but with waste water diverter for dry weather to be fitted); OWL electricity meter. Activities: biscuit decoration (with Greening Fulflood Green Leaves); seed planting. 
5    3 Byron Avenue
Wall, floor and roof insulation; double glazing; extra south-facing glazing to increase solar gain; thick curtains for thermal insulation; sun pipe; condensing gas boiler with water tank ready for solar water heating panel (to be installed); water butts on rainwater pipes; new extension using low-carbon materials (bamboo flooring, water-based paint; low energy lighting; ‘A’-rated appliances, dual-flush WCs); outdoor clothes-drying; composting. 
6    34 Elm Road (Sat 3 to 6 or call 01962-860911 or 07708-589359 to book Sunday)
3KW multi-fuel wood burning stove with a clear glass door heated by eco logs made of compressed sawdust, and are environmentally friendly; double glazing.  Activity: seed swap  
7    55 Fairfield Road
Double-glazed wooden sash windows (almost replicas of the original, with thin krypton-filled cavities and draught excluding trimmings); secondary plastic film window glazing (very cheap and effective); underfloor, cavity-wall and roof insulation; condensing boiler; thermostatic radiator valves; compact fluorescent spotlights(warm white, cool white, and daylight for comparison) and compact fluorescent (CFL) lightbulbs; LED cool white track spotlighting; DIY draught stripping; folding bikes; remote eco-switches for easy switching off of standby; a double cat door; water butts fed from rainwater downpipes; composting. Activities: calculating your carbon footprint, folding a folding bike, using a bike trailer.  
8    26 Fordington Avenue
Solar hot water panels integrated with condensing boiler; a variety of double-glazed windows; cavity-wall, internal wall and underfloor insulation; loft insulation (two types); 3.4KW multi-fuel stove; various energy-saving lights (inside and outside); water butt on rainwater pipe; energy- efficient front door.