Thursday, 4 November 2010 - 1:00pm to 1:30pm

Open Green Workplaces on the afternoon of 4 November 2010 will show business and organisational leaders how to reduce the environmental impact of their workplaces. 

Visit four iconic local green workplaces - the new Holiday Inn at Morn Hill, Queen Elizabeth Court (offices of Hampshire County Council), the offices of architecture plb on St Thomas Street (where they will be able to see what can be done in a historic building) and Emmaus at Bar End, a new development which incorporates many environmental features.  And see the inside of a fifth 'green workplace' - a Stagecoach park and ride bus which will be used to transport delegates around the locations.

Delegates will have a presentation at each venue and on the bus, will get the opportunity to see some of the actions taken at close hand and will be able to question those responsible for some of the developments.  The event will begin with refreshments at the Holiday Inn and will close with a reception at the same venue.

For more information or to book contact Richard Boothman:

Telephone:      0776 397 9661