Tuesday, 10 May 2011 - 8:45pm to 10:15pm

FREE FoE/WinACC joint open workshop. With concerns about rising energy bills and contributing to carbon emissions, many householders are looking to see how they can use the power of the sun to light and heat their home and hot water.

If you have specific questions, send them to winacc@winacc.org.uk. We hope that the session will be informative, interactive and a bit of fun and you will go away with a better understanding of what you can do to make your own home use less elenrgy, create less greenhouse gas, be cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in. You will:

  • hear about using the heat of the sun to heat hot water, create electricity, and shine direct into the darkest corners of your house
  • learn about Government schemes to help with the cost - the "feed-in tariff" which pays you for the electricity you use, the new Renewable Heat Incentive, and the plans for Green Deal loans next year
  • hear about the practical aspects from someone who has been there and done it
  • discuss the main challenges and how best to address them - and perhaps, whether to set a co-operative purchasing scheme 

Useful resources at  /news/2012/05/04/renewable-energy-sun-resources