Tuesday, 25 September 2012 - 1:00am

It’s WinACC’s 5th birthday in October – give us a present and raise £4,000 to meet a gap in our budget.

Go to www.localgiving.com/winacc and click on the Make a Donation button on Tuesday 25 September as soon as possible from 10:00 am. Donations to WinACC through the Local Giving website will be doubled from 10:00 am till the Local Giving money runs out – which will probably be some time in the early afternoon.

They double up to £10 per donation, up to £2,000 altogether. If 200 people give us £10 each, we make £4,000. We have 30 promises to give so far so we need 170 more!

Please tell your friends, and give yourself - www.localgiving.com/winacc on Tuesday 25 September from 10:00 am. Email chris@winacc.org.uk to let her know (and she'll send you a reminder).