September 2014

Regular meeting of the WinACC Built Environment Action Group.

The Food Action Group aims, by the end of 2014:

Fun Without FlyingThis event will inspire you to get away from it all while keeping your carbon footprint low. Showcasing some great low-carbon holidays, including

Regular meeting of the WinACC Renewable Energy Action Group.

The Learning Steering Group supports people across Winchester district to work together to change to a lower carbon lifestyle.

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Regular meeting of the WinACC Science and Technology Advisory Panel.

The Waste Action Group aims to promote the ethos of  'Prevent, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Dispose' in terms of waste. 

 The objectives for 2014/15 are:

21 September 2014 is a Global Day of Action.

The Climate Leaders Summit will be in New York from 23 September 2014. This is a key moment for world leaders to show ambition and take forward negotiations for a global agreement on climate change. It is the first time they will have met to discuss this since Copenhagen 2009, when WinACC held a demonstration in Winchester and went to the demonstration in London.  

There will be all sorts of activities in London:

October 2014