Sunday, 30 November 2014 - 8:00am to 12:00pm
WinACC will get the fees from stallholders at the Car Boot Sale on Sunday 30 November. This is the last sale before Xmas, so help us make loads of money! If you  want, we can store your contributions.
We'll have several WinACC stalls.  Please:
  • Collect children's clothes and toys for the WinACC low carbon xmas stall.
  • Give us unwanted presents for 2013, to make room for 2014!
  • Make marmalade and jam, Xmas puddings and cakes for our Food Action Group Stall.  
  • Make recycled xmas things to sell on the WinACC Waste Action Group Stall:
 - we have a template for gift bags made from folded paper
 - gift tags from last year's presents
 - patchwork
 - upcycling 
 And please  come and help us sell - it's fun as well as profitable.
If you are thinking of having a stall at the car boot one day, please do it on 30 November so WinACC can benefit from your booking fee.