Saturday, 4 April 2015 - 10:00am to 12:30pm

2015 is a vitally important year for the future of humanity.

What does climate change mean to us? What can we do to make a real difference?

Share your hopes and ideas about climate change and the environment in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and join together to plan what we will do in Winchester to influence global, national and local politicians and leaders in the run-up to the key conference in Paris later this year.

Join our 2015 Action! group to plan and co-ordinate different actions. For example - join the mass lobby of MPs on 17 June. If you want to be involved and can't make this meeting, email

Free freshly brewed coffee and gorgeous pastries. Free, but booking useful so we buy enough pastries - email , ring 01962 827083 or text 07779 283451.