Tuesday, 8 September 2015 - 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Britain’s first house made almost entirely of rubbish opened its doors in June 2014 at the University of Brighton  - see press release about the house. The house is built using thrown-away concrete blocks, timber, ply, vinyl banners, pieces of polystyrene, bicycle inner tubes and even old coffee grinds which were turned into a kitchen worktop.

 It is also EPC ‘A’ rated - a low energy building to run and keep warm, as well as to build. 

The Brighton Waste House aims to prove that under valued so-called waste material has potential to become a valuable resource and therefore prove “that there is no such thing as waste, just stuff in the wrong place!’. 

Come and hear from Cat Fletcher, Resource GoddessDirector and Head of Media Freegle UK, Reuse Manager for Brighton & Hove City Council, Campaigner of the Year Award Winner - People and Environment Achievement Awards 2014 :

  • how the house is made of waste
  • where they got stuff from
  • how it's designed not to waste energy
  • the research - what they're finding out from the house

A Great Waste production in Zero Waste week, this is one of joint meetings between WinACC and Friends of the Earth. An ideal way for newcomers to meet people and find out about what's going on in Winchester on climate change and environmental issues. We aim to be friendly, welcoming and lively, with time to talk as well as learn at each meeting.