Tuesday, 22 March 2016 - 7:30pm to 9:15pm

 “It’s the rich as has the pleasure, it’s the poor as gets the pain” 

How do we respond to the  injustice of climate change and make the world fairer and safer?

It’s the people who have the least who are hit first and hit hardest by changes to the climate, whether in Africa or the UK.  In the Pacific, Kiribati islanders will have to start leaving the islands by 2020 says their president. The 10% richest people cause 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions that create global warming and dangerous weather, while the poorest suffer most.  How can we end this injustice?

There will be expert contributions and time for discussion.

See more on climate justice elsewhere on our website.

These joint meetings between WinACC and Friends of the Earth are an ideal way for newcomers to meet people and find out about what's going on in Winchester on climate change and environmental issues. We aim to be friendly, welcoming and lively, and to thrash out our view on important policy issues at each meeting.

Free, all welcome. Come at 7.15 for free coffee or tea and networking. Pay bar.