Thursday, 20 July 2017 - 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Come and join the Sustainable Business Network's visit to a local farm where up to 90% of the energy is generated from 3 wind turbines.

Derek, the Kirton Farm owner, will show visitors around the turbines and explain how the project was started, the legalities, the grid connection and much more.

The visit is not just the turbines but a tour of all the main sustainable stuff they do on site, from the products (wholesale production of plants in coir fibre pots, wooden reusable marketing trays, wooden labelling, peat free composts etc), sustainable production practices (Bio predator controls, irrigation systems, recycling etc) to the latest investments in specialist LED light in their micro-propagation growth room and the new laboratory temperature controlled store.
The LEDs will be a nice highlight as this has reduced electric usage a further 40% in the last couple of months so making them a net exporter of power.

Please note this event is organised by the Sustainable Business Network and not WinACC.