We encourage you to download and use these materials.

List of useful resources on faith and climate change is an Excel spreadsheet set up to be easily searched, listing all sorts of organisaions and resources for and about faith communities and climate change, across the UK

The Evaluation report of the WinACC project describes what went well, and where the challenges were.

The report from our youth event "Protecting the Planet" demonstrates of the energy and enthusiasm that a group of young people can bring to the table in tackling the issue of climate change. You are welcome to use the resources prepared for this event.

And links to other sites we found useful:

-How much CO2: an interactive site which allows you to look at items / activities / people
and the amount of carbon dioxide they create per year. https://www.ge.com/

-Climate Challenge game http://www.bbc.co.uk/sn/hottopics/climatechange/climate_challenge/ 

We thank the funders, Faiths in Action and M B Reckitt Trust.

The project (see last paragraph below) set up Carbon Conversations courses with small groups, and ran an interfaith event on climate change and a youth event on faith and climate change.

We thought that working with existing groups should make it easier to generate a broad-based response. And people of faith seemed likely to respect the environment and have belief in taking responsibility for safeguarding it for future generations.

The evaluation report shows that some of the aspirations of the project were not met. This was always a possible outcome; the project was experimental in nature and such a result was always on the cards. However, the project had many benefits.

Above all, the issue of climate change is now firmly embedded in the awareness of “Churches Together in Winchester" and it is seen as an issue demanding a response from the Christian community in the area. A group of Christians from several churches is stimulating debate and action. This Faith and Climate Change group, facilitated by Churches Together in Winchester and supported by WinACC, will aim to help people of all faiths in the Winchester district connect with the issue of climate change and with each other, with the view to practical action and positive impacts. For more information please contact faith@winacc.org.uk.

The project team put together a list of useful resources including websites, documents and courses. This includes faith-based and campaign-based resources, as well as links to practical action and scientific detail to help people find out more about aspects of climate change and actions that they can take in their own lives.

The project: between January 2010 and May 2011, WinACC, in partnership with Churches Together in Winchester, was funded to work with faith communities on climate change. The project aimed to engage local faith communities on the issue of climate change, and to enable them to play a more prominent part in reducing the carbon footprint of Winchester district.