What if you don’t have internet access?

If you know someone without internet access who would like to become a member of WinACC, please download a copy of our membership leaflet for them, or ask them to contact us.

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What if I don’t live near Winchester?

Although WinACC’s work is focused on cutting the carbon footprint of people and organisations in Winchester District, anyone who lives or works in Hampshire (including Southampton or Portsmouth) can join.

Other people are welcome to sign up to our e-newsletter by registering and giving us your contact details.

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Who can become a member of WinACC?

Anyone aged 18 or over who lives or works in Hampshire (including Southampton or Portsmouth) and signs the WinACC Pledge.

Sign the WinACC pledge

If you belong to a business or other organisation, find out how they can join WinACC as an organisational member.

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Haven’t I signed up before?

In autumn 2013WinACC changed its legal status from charity to charitable company. As it technically became a new organisation, with different membership rules, we had to ask our previous members to re-join.

We also upgraded our website. If you are not a WinACC member, you will need to re-register if you want to post comments on our website. Your e-newsletter subscription will continue unaffected, so there is no need to sign up again if you only want to receive WinACC News.

We are sorry if this is inconvenient.

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How do I become a WinACC member?

It's easy. Just sign the WinACC pledge for individuals and complete the registration form.

If you have already registered on our website, but did not sign the WinACC Pledge when registering, you just need to log in (there is a log in box in the right hand navigation panel) and follow the instructions in the “update your account details” section on the welcome page which is then displayed.

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Does it cost anything to become a member?

No, WinACC membership is free. However, we strongly encourage all our members to make a donation to support our work. For individuals, we suggest a donation of £24 a year (£2 a month) - more if you can afford it.

WinACC is a charity. We rely on donations from members and supporters to meet our running costs such as events, the website and e-newsletter. Please help us by giving to WinACC.

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