Links to other websites

EcoFriendlyKids is all about kids and their environment. Containing a wealth of information, tips, quizzes and fun games for children, this site is ideal for parents.

The good wood guide: environment-friendlier ways to furnish your home.

Friendlier ways to clean your home: unearth the detrimental impact cleaning agents can have on your health and the environment as a whole. Find out more here.

Sceptical Science - 73 arguments from global warming sceptics and in reply, what the science really says. Find out more here:

Research Institute for Climate Change and Sustainability - Six seminars (each containing audio and visual presentations) about sceptical questions and the scientific answers. Find out more here:

Brave New Climate - Climate Change Q+A. More sceptics and their arguments against. Find out more here:

Act on CO2 climate change myths and misconceptions

More misconceptions and replies - newly updated Feb 2010

An excellent site for updating about Climate Change, Energy Policy etc

OneClimate describes itself as ‘the action hub on climate change'. You can join on-line and add your videos, news and actions. It's definitely worth keeping tabs on. They have also just published a useful on-line guide to climate and poverty. Find that here:

Friends of the Earth Winchester. Information about petitions, campaigns and news:

East Hampshire Environment Network. Linking environmental groups in East Hampshire together.