How will you look after my contact details?

Your contact details, including those of your appointed representative, will be stored securely by WinACC. We will use them to contact you about WinACC’s activities and your WinACC membership.

We will not misuse your contact details. See our privacy policy which explains how we use individuals’ personal information.

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What information will you send us?

We will send your appointed representative our regular e-newsletter, WinACC News, currently sent twice a month. This includes information about WinACC’s activities, tips on reducing your carbon footprint, and other news relevant to WinACC’s aims.

If your appointed representative ever wishes to stop receiving emails and other
communications from us, other than those relating to your WinACC membership, just let us know and we will remove them from our mailing list(s). Alternatively, you can appoint a different representative.

From time to time we will send your appointed representative information relating to your organisation’s WinACC membership, such as a copy of our annual report and accounts, an invitation to our AGM and details of trustee elections. We are required to do this by law. If you want to stop receiving this information, you can resign from WinACC membership by contacting us.

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How will you contact us?

We will normally contact your organisation by emailing your authorised representative, unless you ask us to use another means. If you wish appoint a different person to act as your authorised representative and receive information on your behalf, please contact us with their name and contact details.

There is some information that we are required to send WinACC members by law. We may sometimes do this by putting the information on our website and emailing your appointed representative to tell them that it is there.

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Who will know that my organisation is a member of WinACC?

We hope you will want to tell people that your organisation is a member and encourage other organisations to take responsibility for their carbon footprint too.

Because WinACC is a charitable company, the law requires us to include your organisation’s name and address in our register of members. This register is held at the WinACC office and is available for public inspection on request. We are required to keep details of former members in the register for at least ten years after their membership ceases.

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