This is a baseless accusation. Scientific proposals are reviewed by many independent reviewers and funding agencies and it is inconceivable that any worldwide ‘conspiracy or exaggeration’ could go unnoticed. More ….

If you think that tens of thousands of scientists across the world are really taking part in a huge conspiracy, then it is probably a waste of time to try and convince you otherwise. However there are less strong versions of this viewpoint. One is that climate scientists spread alarm about global warming just to boost their research funding; but if that were the case then they have managed to fool multiple independent funding agencies, other, non-climate, scientists and even government advisors. For example, the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report was written by 152 coordinating lead authors from over 30 countries and reviewed by over 600 experts, including government officials. Another argument is that because climate scientists depend on government funding this ensures that they are careful to stay ‘on message’. This argument is not supported by the fact that today the climate science community is increasingly expressing its frustration in public with politicians’ inability to comprehend and urgently act on the dangers posed by climate change. In addition both the above versions of the argument ignore that it has taken more than a century of research by several generations of scientists to reach today’s broad scientific agreement on climate change. This agreement has come about through a steadily growing body of evidence, from many different scientists in different countries, and the evidence has been published openly in the scientific literature. But, even so, evidence or ideas from a small minority of scientists, that appear to clash with the idea of human-induced global warming, are not suppressed or ignored but are still being presented and/or published.