Scientists work in an open and consensual way that allows for conflicting views. This makes it even more remarkable that today there is very strong agreement among them that global warming is real.

It is not entirely unreasonable to take the view that because nearly all the experts agree this doesn’t make them right, since they could just all be making the same mistake. However, the current agreement among climate scientists suggests that the chance of them all being wrong is extremely low. This is especially so because the way science works allows rival hypotheses to challenge the accepted view provided they rest on the basis of compelling new evidence. Thus far, no alternative hypothesis has been able to successfully challenge the agreed view on the basis of logic and evidence. So, at present, such a challenge appears highly unlikely to happen. What matters is our estimation of the truth, given what evidence and knowledge we have so far. It has to be said that this is overwhelmingly in favour of man-made global warming being caused by the excessive emissions of greenhouse gases.