Volunteers are vital to WinACC.  

What will you be doing?

  • Contributing ideas to the fundraising plan and suggesting new ideas for income generation, where possible
  • Agreeing a range of fundraising events with fundraising team
  • Agreeing with the group who will undertake which/what activity and assigning tasks accordingly
  • Collating brief reports of fundraising activities, successes and failures
  • Handling cash donations/banking in accordance with Society rules
  • Developing a basic understanding of Society activities so that questions and enquiries can be handled well
  • Attending basic training and other support workshops as necessary.   

Will the role be suitable for you?

No special qualifications or experience needed.  The role may be ideal for you if:

  • You have the ability to motivate people
  • You are enthusiastic about charity fundraising within the local community
  • You are happy to be part of a team
  • You are prepared to follow cash handling procedures and other relevant guidelines in accordance with Society rules and expectations
  • You are willing to complete basic fundraising paperwork as required and to compile brief reports
  • You understand that for our younger volunteers, parental consent is required and that fundraising restrictions apply.

How much time will you need to give?

This role is flexible.  There may be slightly more commitment necessary immediately prior to a major fundraising event. 

How will WinACC support you?

  • You will receive relevant induction for the role
  • You will benefit from ongoing training and other development opportunities
  • You will be provided with one to one support
  • You will be reimbursed your expenses