The average British car travels 8,430 miles each year, which means some 4000 miles for every adult, teenager, and toddler.

Cutting our vehicle miles is one of the most high-impact actions we can take. With planning, many people can achieve reductions of 20% or more without curtailing their activities.

Car trips generally

We can save as much as 50%. if we:

  • walk or cycle for short journeys
  • use bus or train services when possible
  • car share within the family or with neighbours
  • coordinate food shopping with other household errands
  • explore alternatives to giving family members or visitors lifts to school or the station etc

Commuting to work

We can reduce our car miles by 20% by:

  • working from home once a week
  • car sharing with neighbours or work colleagues
  • trying out other ways of going to work, if possible by walking, cycling, or catching the bus or train, initially one day a week to see how well it works

Start by inviting each member of your household who drives a car to join you in keeping a trip diary for a typical week. Use this information to create a plan to reduce your household’s single occupancy vehicle miles travelled by 20% or more over the next year.

Jan 2014

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