Alresford, Colden Common, Fulflood, Oliver’s Battery

The Greening Campaign, which motivates people to reduce their personal environmental impact, is an initiative complementary to the aims and objectives of WinACC.   There are currently Greening Campaigns in Alresford, Colden Common, and Fulflood.  Several of those leading Greening Campaigns have also trained as WinACC Low Carbon Champions.   WinACC aims to work with the Greening Campaigns to further the development of public engagement, and develop local and neighbourhood projects in the areas of energy, transport, food and waste that will lead to significant reductions in the carbon footprint of the district.

For further information about Greening Alresford, contact Cathy Swann
For further information about Greening Colden Common, click here or contact Rob Veck
For further information about Greening Fulflood, click here or contact Giles Gooding