1. If you buy a railcard, how many off-peak trips would you have to make to London to recoup the cost?

The answer: 3 - You save £10.35 on each trip and the card costs £28 per year.


2. Which has the lower carbon footprint: the new Citroen C3 internal combustion car, or a Nissan Leaf electric car?

The answer:The Nissan leaf...but only just, if you use grid electricity. According to Which?Car The Nissan Leaf accounts for 81 g/Km if it is recharged on standard mains electricity. The new Citroen C3 claims 93g/Km.


3. Where can you get the new bus timetables due in October?

The answer: HCC Information and Guildhall tourist information - both have the new copies of the timetable


4. If you got rid of your car, you’d need to take a taxi once a month to the supermarket four miles away and hire a car 4 week-ends and a fortnight a year. What would this cost you?

The answer: £1015.43

•Week-end car hire @ £35.96 = £143.84
•14 days’ car hire = £263.59
•Fuel for car hire = £258
•12 supermarket taxis = £350

5. How much did it cost to run your four-year-old car worth £6,000, with MOT, insurance, and fuel to drive a modest 2,500 miles?

The answer: £2906 - according to the AA:

•Car tax (VED band F) £130
•Insurance £720
•Capital loss of investment £236
•Depreciation £1216
•Breakdown cover £50
•Running costs: 2,500 miles at 21.95 pence per mile £548.75 (inc petrol at 12.9p per mile)
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