The three strands of WinACC’s work are influencing policy, engaging with individuals and communities, and working with organisations. In 2011/2012 for the first time we are bringing together all our activities for individuals and communities under the one title “Climate Action”. This is summed up in WinACC’s Business Plan objective 2: “To engage and support communities and individuals in cutting their own carbon footprint and enjoying the benefits of lower carbon living:

2.1   Involve more people in more parts of the district in reducing the use of fossil fuels.

2.2   Support people across the district to work together in groups, including neighbourhood groups and groups that share a common interest.

2.3   Build a sense of community among people who share our aims.

2.4   Provide resources tailored to their situation to help communities, groups and people cut their carbon footprint.

“Communities” includes both local neighbourhood groups, and communities of interest such as people from churches.

The role of the Learning Steering Group

  1. Help “join up” all WinACC’s activities and thinking about individuals and communities.
  2. Help identify learning resources and assess them for use by WinACC.
  3. Plan the annual programme of activities to meet the aims of the business plan 2.1-2.4 and monitor progress towards completing that plan.
  4. Support the staff, especially the Climate Action Co-ordinator, in working with communities.
  5. Support networks of people working in various communities including the low carbon champion network, schools network, and faith and climate change network.

Members would be expected to keep abreast of the wider context of working with communities, including thinking about the economy, growth, low carbon communities, and the best ways of influencing / supporting people to cut their carbon footprint.

We hope that members of the Learning Steering Group, together with other volunteers where appropriate will take part in “Task and Finish” sub-groups for a set time to deliver, or help deliver, some of the activities.



This Steering Group covers:

WinACC events:

  • Open meetings (currently Saturday mornings)
  • Workshops, including the series currently run on Tuesdays with FoE
  • One-off events
  • Invitations to speak


  • “Carbon Conversations”
  • A local community –based course, if developed, potentially in partnership with “Cool Communities” by David Gershon

Community activity and projects

  • Support for local neighbourhood groups
  • “Low Carbon Champion” networking and support
  • Climate Action Co-ordinator activities
  • Embedding action resulting from Past Matters Project
  • Embedding action resulting from Faith Communities and Climate Change Project


The Group does not address cutting the carbon footprints of organisations specifically, but does have a watching brief on work to develop and support workplace champions.

The scope of the Steering Group does not include work done by WinACC to carry out practical projects such as the installation of renewable energy, but does include working with communities to support them to do such projects. This means there needs to be liaison with other action groups to avoid gaps or overlaps.


Valuable perspectives could come from people with various experience, interests and stakes. The Steering group membership should be 6-8 people who bring, among them the following qualities:

  1. Understanding how people learn.
  2. Knowledge about training design.
  3. Membership of local groups both long-standing and newly developing.
  4. Faith communities
  5. A link to WinACC’s work with schools
  6. A link to Parish Councillors (there are several with whom we have a link, who we could ask, including the chairman of the WDALC).
  7. Hampshire County Council members who funded the work.
  8. Hampshire County Council officers who work with local communities.
  9. Winchester City Council officer(s) ditto.

10. WinACC staff

Those invited to the first meeting are:

  1. Charlotte Bailey or
  2. Jackie Porter, both Hampshire County Council members on Past Matters Steering Group)
  3. Jemma Barter, Training consultant
  4. Ellie Bolton, Future Proof Bishop’s Waltham
  5. Jo Crocker, Faith and Climate Change action group convenor
  6. Giles Gooding, WinACC Climate Action Co-ordinator
  7.  Alex Hoare, WinACC Past Matters Project Manager
  8. Chris Holloway, WinACC Director
  9. James Martin-Jones, facilitator and WinACC trustee

10. Angela Sealey, WinACC Strategy and Policy Committee (chairing the Steering group)

11. Steve Taylor, Winchester Churches Together and former member of Faith Communities and Climate Change Project Board

12. Winchester City Council officers Steve Lincoln or

13. Mark Maitland (they choose).

When the group should meet

It is suggested that the Steering Group should meet in February, May, July, September and November.

The first meeting has been arranged for 21 September 2011 19.30 at the Masters’ Lodge; future meetings will be at dates times and a location to suit the members of the group.

Chris Holloway

17 August 2011