Proposed changes to WinACC’s governing arrangements: an important message from the trustees

At the AGM on 7 September 2013, the trustees will be asking members to approve the conversion of WinACC from an unincorporated charity into an incorporated charity. This will make it simultaneously a charity and a company, and is considered best practice for charities of WinACC’s size and complexity.

So we are reviewing WinACC’s membership system and trustee appointment processes as part of the conversion. We want to involve WinACC’s supporters in the review and so invited you to comment on the proposals by deadline 12 July. The responses to the survey supported the proposals which will now be taken to the AGM on 7 September. Click on "read more" below to see the proposals.

Membership system

  • We want to encourage wider membership of WinACC, so that everyone who is actively involved or supports our aims is a member with a say in WinACC.
  • Therefore, we propose to abolish the current distinctions between voting and non-voting members, and between individual and organisational members.
  • Membership would be open to people and organisations who sign a pledge in support of WinACC’s aims. People would need to be over 18 and live or work in Hampshire. Organisations would need to operate in Hampshire.
  • Those who don’t sign the pledge would not be members, but would still be able to receive our e-newsletters, join action groups and attend events.
  • It costs money to run WinACC, so individual members would be encouraged to make a regular donation to WinACC of £24 a year (£2 a month), though this would be optional. Organisational members would be encouraged to make a regular donation appropriate to their size.
  • Current members would need to re-join because we cannot transfer their membership without consent.

Trustee appointments

  • There would continue to be up to 14 trustees, each serving for a maximum of six consecutive years.
  • We propose to increase the number of member-elected trustees from four (two individual, two organisational) to six. Two would be elected at each AGM, with a three year term.
  • Three of our founder organisations (Winchester City Council, Hampshire County Council and the University of Winchester) would each continue to have the option to nominate a trustee.
  • One trustee nomination would be reserved for a representative of local businesses.
  • Up to four others with relevant skills and experience would be nominated to join the trustee board, usually to fill the officer positions (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary).
  • All trustee and officer appointments would be subject to member approval by a simple majority at an AGM.

The proposals in detail