Communication is central to WinACC’s aims and runs through all of WinACC’s work. The Communications Action Group is for anyone and everyone who wants to get involved in our communications activities, such as:

  • writing about local climate change-related stories, including personal experiences of the transition to a low carbon lifestyle;
  • generating media coverage about WinACC and climate change more generally;
  • developing content for the WinACC website, including pictures and photos
  • drafting information and advice for people wanting to know more about climate change and how they can cut their carbon footprint;
  • helping to publicise WinACC’s activities.
All of our work is related to WinACC’s central aim encouraging and persuading organisations and individuals in the Winchester District to achieve major reductions in their carbon footprints by 2015. Specifically we aim to:
  • Make everyone in Winchester district aware of the need for a rapid reduction in Winchester’s carbon footprint as part of a worldwide movement to minimise the risk of runaway climate change;
  • Provide easily accessible and practical advice to individuals, organisations and businesses for them to take action to reduce their carbon footprints;
  • Advise, encourage and persuade WinACC’s individual and organisational members to lead by example;
  • Establish WinACC as a well-known, trusted and respected local organisation and the place to come for information, advice and support on climate change issues;
  • Encourage and make it easy for potential supporters and volunteers to get involved with WinACC.
Please come along if:
(a) You’d like to do something communications-related for WinACC; and/or
(b) You’d like some help with the communications aspects of something you’re doing for WinACC.
You do not need to make a commitment to the Group - all we ask is that you bring enthusiasm, ideas, and a willingness to get involved. 
For more information, contact Claire Jones,