WinACC would like to develop the practical and affordable themes from the event, ’24 hours to save Winchester’'. The themes picked out by our Transport Group included:

  • Creating a city of squares instead of traffic junctions where people hang out in cafés and take part in lively local festivals. This would encourage more holiday makers from Britain and reduce for flying away on short city breaks.
  • A traffic-free (except for access) central area within the walls where pedestrians have priority
  • Better bike routes and footpaths throughout the city
  • A business district in the area next to the station so that people no longer need to commute to London for work, and commercial visitors have easy access from all parts of the country by train
  • Nodes with more intense urban facilities (e.g. at Weeke), that could also act as foci for public transport, walking and cycling
  • Good public transport between nodes – maybe a dolmus-type service, or better bus services, or a tram route from park-and-ride South to Winnall
  • Transfer of parking to car parks like Chesil, Tower Street and Cattle Market that are outside the central area but close to the shops; closure of central car parks (apart from Brooks which is could be reserved for disabled people and local residents)
  • Redesigning the traffic flow within the city walls to remove as many through routes as possible, with two-way traffic in North Walls again
  • Ensuring longer distance local buses (e.g. to Alton, Salisbury or Fareham) turn round or call at the station and connected with trains