WinACC members Rob & Sue Veck aimed to reduce the emissions of their house by 80%. The Sustainable Energy Academy has estimated that they've hit 79%, leaving the family to find 1% more in 40 years to achieve the Kyoto target.

One of the homes open to view as part of Open GreenHouse.

The results are below:

  • Before (unrenovated condition): 8.9 tonnes CO2 a year
  • After (house as it is now): 1.8756 tonnes CO2 a year
  • Reduction: 7.0244 tonnes CO2 a year,  a reduction of 79%

The academy have conferred “SuperHome” status on Rob & Sue’s house which requires all renovations to exceed a 60% reduction in emissions. It is the 68th home to join and the first registered in Hampshire.

Rob Veck said:

“This is great news for all the hard work that we, friends, supporters and contractors have put into the project. I cannot say strongly enough how grateful we are for all the tremendous support we have had from WinACC, Colden Common Greening Campaign, City Councillors and some of our enlightened neighbours. We only hope that others will start to follow this example. Our next step is to focus on our garden which is like a bomb site – we will be engaging a local Permaculture expert, Chris Michalowicz to convert the land into something a bit more sustainable. Watch this space!”




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