From 1 – 21 September the Red Tape Challenge is on environmental regulation. The Government asks how environmental regulations are working in practice, and whether there are alternative means of better achieving policy goals.

Please comment. Deadline 21 September. Tell them that the Government must retain regulation that reduces use of fossil fuels and resulting emissions of greenhouse gases and, in particular, the Climate Change Act.

The regulations are divided into eight categories. The two that relate directly to carbon emissions are Energy labelling and sustainable products and Industrial emissions and carbon reductions

WinACC's Vice-chair David Knight writes: 
"On no account should any of this legislation be scrapped.  The science dictates that greenhouse gas emissions must peak in the next few years and decline rapidly thereafter if we are to stand a chance of keeping global warming to less than 2 degrees C relative to pre-industrial levels. 
Moreover the  UK  Climate Change act makes this  a legal obligation.  In addition conventional oil has already peaked (see recent IEA report) and much of the legislation listed here would have the indirect effect of encouraging the UK to reduce its dependency on fossil fuel use and switch to green  alternatives at a time when reduced supply and continuing demand for oil are pushing up oil and other dependent energy prices.
In addition we don't want to go back to the worst days of the ozone hole with its implications for malignant melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and cataracts. 
Finally some items in this list of  legislation are essential for the control of air pollution.  We don't want our air quality, already compromised at times in some locations to get like that in Shanghai and Bejing."