Winchester Action on Climate Change (WinACC) is displaying a climate change exhibition in Winchester Cathedral from Monday 6 August to Friday 31 August 2012. It is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about this subject and see some of the evidence for global warming for themselves.

The exhibition starts by explaining why we need to take action now and what we can do both collectively and individually. It then presents compelling evidence that shows our world is warming and that this is caused by increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Finally, it refers to the dual threats of climate change and the eventual decline in oil production, and what needs to be done to respond to these threats.

The exhibition will appeal to those who are interested in our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, world development, and the survival of plant and other animal species. It will also be of particular interest to students studying science, geography, technology, economics or business studies.

Evidence about the cause of climate change is presented as a brief outline for lay readers (a more detailed description, including evidence that the warming is largely man-made, which is aimed at AS/A2 level students and others wanting an in-depth understanding of the topic, is available on request from

The exhibition presents recent evidence that global warming is continuing. This is summarised from the “State of the Climate 2009” report issued in July 2010 by the US Department of Commerce and US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and published in the highly respected Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. The report is based on an analysis by 300 scientists from 48 countries of data on 37 climate indicators. All these indicators tell the same story: global warming is undeniable.

WinACC regrets the singular lack of progress made by successive United Nations summits in Copenhagen (2009), Cancun (2010) and Rio de Janeiro (2012) to curb global greenhouse gas emissions. This needs to be done urgently to reduce atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases to avoid global warming having a serious impact on all countries, developing ones most of all.

Bob Whitmarsh, convenor of WinACC’s Science and Technology Advisory Panel, says, “The climate change situation is extremely serious and urgent. If national leaders do not act now to reduce emissions then a global disaster of unprecedented magnitude for the human race, caused by global warming from our profligate use of fossil fuels and destruction of the world’s forests, will be unavoidable. A cleaner, healthier and happier future is possible. We owe this to all humankind, including our children and grandchildren. Working together we can make this future happen.”