This WinACC action group
  1. Raises awareness of lower carbon generation technology, and
  2. Promotes large renewable and distributed energy schemes such as large wind, or aggregated building integrated schemes such as PV on public housing.
The Group will: 
·         provide information, advice and documentation on renewable and distributed energy technologies, associated financial incentives and legislation
·         develop a district wide strategy aimed at advancing the use of renewable and distributed energy to reduce district green house gas emissions.
·         build relationships with communities, groups, developers, financiers and local authorities.

If you, or someone you know, with expertise in larger-scale renewable energy or distributed energy such as district heating schemes, thinks you may be suited to be to be part of this exciting new group, check the terms of reference. Still interested? email

 The Action Group will not normally provide information or advice on individual small domestic renewable energy installations, nor lead on encouraging individuals to adopt such technologies.