WinACC's Transport Action Group focuses on cutting the carbon footprint of travel. A reduction in car mileage in Winchester town centre will reduce our carbon footprint and improve air quality. 

The availability of car parking is one of many interlocking elements of a traffic reduction plan. Other elements are signage, naming and pricing of car parking, route management to manage traffic flow, and support for alternatives such as walking, cycling and public transport. 

This is an issue on which there are strongly held views. WinACC believes that decisions should be based on evidence.

So WinACC Transport Group regularly monitors parking in public car parks in and near Winchester town and published a report on their findings in June 2011.

In November 2011, the Transport Group also carried out their first survey of private, non-residential car parking in and near Winchester town centre. Their conclusions are tentative and more work is needed before any certain recommendations can be made.

What they have discovered, however, is significant enough to deserve attention. Private non-residential parking in Winchester city centre well outweighs the total of public car parking space and must contribute significantly to Winchester’s traffic.