WinACC is pleased to see that Winchester City Council is inviting tenders to produce a road map to a low carbon Winchester, designed to lead to an action plan to deliver our target carbon emissions reduction for the District. It will also include a low carbon skills audit to assess the ‘readiness’ of our local labour market for an emerging green economy. Deadline 21 Sept 2012   All the info about bidding etc is included within the specification which can be found by clicking on this link: 

WinACC is keen to see a good road map. Whatever the outcome of the tendering, WinACC would want to be helpful to whoever gets the commission, though our resources are limited without funding. We're not planning on tendering in our own name, so we'd be interested in talking to anyone who is considering making a bid about whether it would be appropriate for us to be involved. For example, we could help with community consultation, local information, and  offer expertise on the built environment, local emissions, renewable energy or transport.

We can also put potential tenderers in touch with each other, if they ask us to do so. Email if you want to talk.