Help is at hand for people who can't cope with the apples, pears, plums, quinces, vegetables, nuts – or indeed any produce from their gardens or allotments. People in the Fulflood area of Winchester who are too busy or not well enough to pick their own produce can now call on "Fruits of Fulflood", the new project from the active local group Greening Fulflood.

Neighbours from Greening Fulflood will come and pick. Nothing edible will be thrown away. The owner of the garden can choose how much they want to keep for themselves. Surplus fruit and vegetables will be given away fresh to people in need, or turned into jam or pickle to be sold before Christmas for local charitable causes. Local people are welcome to join in the fun of picking or preserving.

Eleanor Waterhouse, local gardener, floated the idea at the Green Fulflood Birthday bash earlier this year. "It's a shame that so much goes to waste, and at the same time people are buying fruit and veg from supermarkets", she said " Not only is it a waste of money, it is also bad for the environment. Let's eat local with Fruits of Fulflood".

Everyone in and near Fulflood can join in by offering their produce or helping to harvest it, preserve it or distribute it. Contact or ring Eleanor on 01962 860911