Sadly, WinACC has spent all the money we had to pay for free Green Deal assessments. There is still plenty of funding for Green Deal loans. To get a Green Deal loan, you need a Green Deal assessment. An assessment and report from Solent Green Deal costs £150. If you take out a Green Deal loan this charge will be covered by the loan or grant. There are other Green Deal providers you can also ask for an assessment.

I asked for a free Green Deal assessment under WinACC's scheme. What's happened? 

You should have received your report by now. If not, please let us know. 

Why is WinACC publicising the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is much more than the Green Deal loan. Our aim is to use less fossil fuel energy in the home. The Green Deal – not the Green Deal loan – means that with no commitment, you can get an assessment of energy use in your home which includes not only the building – which is covered by the Energy Performance Certificate – but also how you live in it.

WinACC has spent two years trying to set up something like this. Now the Government has done it for us, with a national framework, a national scheme for training and accrediting the assessors, and private sector competition which brings the price down. 

Who does WinACC recommend as Green Deal assessors and Green deal providers?

Green Deal Winchester, managed by WinACC, was using a Green Deal Assessment Organisation company called Evolve, based near Southampton and a Green Deal provider called YES Energy Solutions, which is a non-commercial organisation.

Since then, a new non-commercial scheme, Solent Green Deal, has got going and can provide both assessors and Green Deal finance.  WinACC is now using Solent Green Deal as our Green Deal provider. See Solent Green Deal FAQs here.

Any suppliers we use are not specifically recommended, nor are our lists of suppliers exhaustive – there may be other local suppliers, but we are simply passing on what we know!

Wherever you go, each assessor is trained as a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) by undertaking training with an accreditation organisation such as BRE or Stroma, to produce Energy Performance Certificates. They must then undertake Green Deal accreditation (with the same kind of organisation) in order to carry out occupancy questionnaires (about your energy usage at home), and to fully understand the Green Deal scheme.

Any organisation which is a Green Deal assessor organisation, installer, or provider (finance) must be evaluated, their financial processors reviewed, and have the relevant safety accreditations (e.g. Gas Safe for boilers, MCS for renewables).