This consultation is now ended.

Winchester City Council wants your views on a new parking strategy for Winchester District. This is an important chance to improve traffic management and cut transport emissions in Winchester City Centre and elsewhere. Please reply by midnight 6 November.  See the Council’s report and questionnaire

See the WinACC Transport Action Group’s:

The new parking strategy should:

  • minimise the need for traffic to enter the centre
  • help to reduce the carbon footprint of transport in Winchester District - an astonishing 47% of the whole footprint
  • tackle creeping commercial blight caused by excessive traffic on the central circulatory system
  • reduce the high levels of pollution in central Winchester.

WinACC is keen to influence the emerging parking strategy to:

  • encourage other forms of transport (walking, cycling, public transport) that have a lower carbon footprint
  • make it easier for drivers to avoid entering the centre by encouraging them to use the car parks at the gates of the old city
  • reduce the number of parking spaces generally, but especially within the city walls – or at least, avoid any increase.

Without a strong strategic steer limiting the growth of parking spaces, there will be 670 net additional spaces. 270 of these will add traffic to the central circulatory system.

Yet the council report shows there is no need for more parking places. The council has increased parking provision by 15.12% (672 spaces) in that period, and that in the same period the number of parked cars has gone down by 1.7% (57 cars).

Figures in the report take for granted proposals which are not yet officially agreed to build new parking spaces both inside and outside the city centre, and make no reference to the proposal to expand parking at River Park Leisure Centre.