• Can you give a summary of the Solent Green Deal?

The scheme has been set up by Portsmouth, Eastleigh and Southampton local authorities to provide a Green Deal advice service to local residents. Other local authorities are expected to officially join in the next few weeks. Portsmouth is managing the scheme on a day-to-day basis, and is a certified Green Deal Assessor Organisation. We will advise, assess and provide the client with their Green Deal Advice Report. We are linked to 3 Green Deal Providers and will pass the client to their chosen Provider to progress their recommended plan.

• How much do you charge for an assessment?

An assessment costs us £150 to produce, however if you progress with your chosen measures through one of our 3 recommended Providers you will not be charged upfront for the assessment. Your Provider may recover the cost through your financial package.

• Who are your Providers?

We are working with Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), Climate Change and Local Energy. You can choose to approach one or all of these companies to quote for your Green Deal plan.

• Are your Green Deal Advisors Council employees?

Yes, we are a local authority scheme managed by Portsmouth City Council. The advisors are all employed by their local authority. We are not running this programme to make a profit, therefore we can provide impartial and fair advice to our residents.

• Where can I get more information?

Visit www.solentgreendeal.org.uk

• Which measures do you offer?

Each of our Providers can install the full range of Green Deal measures. They all have access to both Green Deal and ECO funding.

• Which installers do you use?

We have left it to the discretion of our Providers as to which installers they use, however we have strict contracts in place to ensure that they, and any contractors uphold the local authority ethos. We are aiming to use at least 70% local contractors, and we will carry out a post-assessment EPC to ensure that the work is done correctly.

• How long will I need to wait for an assessment?

We are currently assessing in the Portsmouth area. As soon as your authority officially signs to the scheme we will start assessing in your area. This is likely to be in the next couple of weeks.