October 2014

14 October 2014

Double your donations to WinACC with Grow your Tenner. If you give £10 to WinACC using Local Giving, they match it with another £10. So we get double the money!

13 October 2014

Public consultation on the Local Plan Part 2 – Development Management and Site Allocations (LPP2) will start on 24 October for a period of 6 weeks, closing on 5 December 2014.

9 October 2014

The University of Southampton's School of Management is delighted to be receiving funding from the Economic and Social Research Council to embed sustainable issues into hairdressing training courses.

The school plans to develop more sustainable practices into the hairdressing curricula and hold events at hairdressing colleges around the UK to promote this. They are very excited for this opportunity to impact an entire sector, especially one that is so resource-intensive and has an impact on domestic hair-care practices.

9 October 2014

Winchester Action on Climate Change now has a new Chair, following a well-attended AGM on Saturday 4 October. Tony Stoller CBE takes over from Councillor Roger Huxstep, who has led the organisation for the past two years and who remains a WinACC trustee.

8 October 2014

The Government plans to change the law so that people cannot stop fracking firms drilling under our land and homes. WinACC is concerned about fracking because it releases more fossil fuel for us to burn, creating more greenhouse gas and adding to global warming. See our pages about shale gas and fracking.

8 October 2014

July 2014 Sparsholt College has applied for planning approval for a 74 metre, 500 kW, wind turbine at Sparsholt College. Please support it by clicking here or sending an email

2 October 2014

"A Framework for a Public Transport Strategy for Winchester District: A discussion on how improving public transport can reduce greenhouse gas emissions"  suggests issues that a strategy would need to address.  It was published by WinACC Transport Group, August 2013 to stimulate discussion and demonstrate how a strategy could identify priorities for the District.  So one or two of the facts will have changed, but the idea is as valid as ever.

We’d welcome your views, if possible before Christmas 2014. We hope the strategy helps you frame your ideas.

September 2014

30 September 2014

Technical innovation alone will not achieve carbon reduction targets. What role can community initiatives play in the reduction of personal energy demand? On 24 September over 50 academics, practitioners and policy-makers attended this WinACC-organised event at the Discovery Centre in Winchester. We heard the emerging results from the University of Southampton’s UK Research Council-funded Energy and Communities project, as well as community organisers’ experiences in Steyning, and WinACC’s own experiences with the Cool Communities project. 

30 September 2014

In spring next year, WinACC will be leading a groundbreaking new project called The Great Waste. 

It will help prevent waste and increase the levels of recycling in the Winchester District - something dear to many people's hearts and will make a significant impact on the area's carbon footprint. Events will be running from February to April in the city and around the whole district and we need lots of volunteers to help us. 

25 September 2014

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has made a pledge to decrease the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050 from 2005 levels.