October 2015

2 October 2015
The coming 6-monthly meeting Hampshire Climate Action Network is on 7 November. This network meeting is open to everyone who is active in the community on climate change. The purpose is to share news, learn from successes and failures, and review if we should work together across all or part of the county of Hampshire (including unitaries).

It is informal workshop-style, no speakers, and a bring-and-share lunch afterwards to network.

2 October 2015

WinACC is writing to David Cameron to press for a binding global carbon reduction agreement at Paris this November. Add your name.

2 October 2015

The Great Waste Re:Design Challenge is being launched on 10 October at Winchester School of Art with a one-day a fashion design ‘boot camp’  for teams from local schools and colleges. 

1 October 2015

Sign this message to Pope Francis to thank him for what he is saying, to countr-balance attacks on him since his visit to the US: 

Thank you for standing up to climate deniers, speaking the truth on climate science, and calling for global action to stop climate change. I stand with you on climate!

September 2015

29 September 2015

Winchester Town Forum meeting 6.30 Monday 5 October 2015 and Winchester Cabinet (Local Plan) meeting 9.30 am Tuesday 6 October will both discuss the latest draft of part 2 of the Local Plan. Email chris.holloway@winacc.org.uk with points you would like WinACC to raise at either meeting.

18 September 2015

WinACC's chair Tony Stoller asked Cabinet for the brief for development of Winchester station area to include a requirement to contribute to a lower carbon Winchester. WinACC is pleased that Councillors promised to make sure that the brief was amended to reflect the City Council's policies on a low carbon economy and a low carbon Winchester District.

16 September 2015

This simple but shocking figure shows the number of years remaining until different global warming thresholds are breached, assuming the current rate of global emissions.

16 September 2015

The Centre for Sustainable Energy has recently produced a Low Carbon Neighbourhood Planning Handbook. This guide explores what communities can do, through neighbourhood planning, to address climate change concerns and tackle fuel poverty.

16 September 2015

A petition from The Energy Bill Revolution asking the government to help insulate millions of UK homes and drive down energy bills.

16 September 2015

A Free Ride is a group of fellow travellers calling to replace Air Passenger Duty with a ‘frequent flyer levy’ that taxes travellers according to how often they fly, shifting the burden away from families flying to their one annual holiday and onto the frequent flyers who are driving expansion and creating most pollution.