December 2016

1 December 2016

New  NICE draft guidance on air pollution, containing recommendations for tackling poor air quality, are out for public consultation until 25 January 2017.

November 2016

29 November 2016

Link to an excellent video by the Centre for Sustainable Energy on how to programme your thermostat. 

Video clip opens in YouTube.

General advice to save energy:

29 November 2016

Ofgem has approved a number of online energy company comparison services through the Ofgem Confidence Code - a good place to look when comparing home energy deals to save money and energy.

28 November 2016

Winter is a great time to get the veggie and fruit patch ready for the food growing season ahead. Incredible Edible Winchester shares top tips on what to do.

27 November 2016

Almost 300 adults voted in the Pollution Poll in Winchester High St on busy shopping Saturday 26 November 2016. This was the second time WinACC had asked people to say what they would like Winchester City Council to do about air pollution, and the results are very similar to last time. 

Everyone could vote for two choices out of eight possible ways to make the air cleaner in Winchester town centre - or they could vote for "Keep things as they are - pollution isn't a worry for me".

99% of votes were in favour of doing something.

23 November 2016

At 5.00am on Thursday 17th November, Cicely Spelling of 10:10 picked up 1000 pinwheels and headed to Parliament Square. As the sun dawned, she joined 25 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed volunteers and planted the pinwheels on the grassy lawn.
The pinwheels represent the lost turbines that can’t be built because of the withdrawal of government support for onshore wind.

22 November 2016

Winchester Friends of the Earth will hold an Air Pollution Demo at 11am on Sunday 11 December.   They will be carrying 51 cardboard gravestones to represent the 51 people that die prematurely every year in the Winchester District due to the effects of air pollution. Find out more from the FoE website.

21 November 2016

Against the backdrop of international climate negotiations in Marrakesh in November 2016, the UK ratified the Paris Agreement " as a sign of the continued commitment to climate action across the world". The Paris Agreement provides a framework for governments as well as business and investors to keep global warming well below 2°C, pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C.

17 November 2016

A fun voting system uses plastic milk-bottle tops in different colours to show the categories of voters (such as whether local or not, how often they come to town).

Invite people to vote for two choices out of eight possible ways to make the air cleaner in Winchester town centre - or to vote for "Keep things as they are - pollution isn't a worry for me".

17 November 2016
The divisions caused by the EU referendum make it more important than ever for us all to unite behind our shared environment. 
Some people want to paint the referendum result as permission to get rid of environmental protections. But we know that's not what people voted for. Together we're creating a mass movement of support so that, whatever happens next, we can protect the nature and environment that we all treasure.