If you've ever wondered about the real mix of energy used in the UK, take a look at GridWatch.

It shows a snapshot of the Grid using data provided by BM Reports website, where real-time - or near real-time - data is available on exactly what the United Kingdom's electricity grid is doing.

WinACC member recently commented that a few weekends ago when it was pretty windy, they noticed that the UK wind production was up to 4GW, while we were only using 30GW in total. That meant that nearly 15% of our electricity was coming from wind power. Quite amazing and not something you read about anywhere.

The creator of the website states that 'This site is entirely privately and personally funded. It takes no donations or grants from any government, quasi non-governmental or commercial organisations whatsoever. It exists simply to provide and present the data as is, not to attempt to make a point with it - that is done elsewhere.'

So take a look and draw your own conclusions!