Published July 2011, the Winchester Town Access Plan from Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council is a strategy which sets out a shared vision for how access to facilities and services within the town will be improved. 

The four key Aims of the Access Plan are:
• To ensure that the vitality and resilience of the local economy is strengthened by planning for movement and access which is economically and environmentally sustainable
• To lead a transition to cycling, walking, public transport and low-carbon modes of travel including low emission private and commercial vehicles
• To enhance the social and cultural wellbeing of Winchester by providing access for all.
• To reduce the negative effects of transport on residential neighbourhoods and the town’s historic environment, particularly in relation to air quality and the safety of pedestrians and cyclists

In order to achieve the aims of the Access Plan action is required in key areas. These are identified as eight strategic priorities:

1. Promote self-sufficient communities and self-containment to reduce the need to travel
2. Improve the local cycling and walking experience for functional and leisure trips (through education and infrastructure)
3. Provide carefully planned car parking to meet economic need
4. Reduce the negative impact of vehicle movements in residential areas
5. Promote the delivery of ‘A high-quality public realm that is available to all users’ where this is appropriate
6. Promote the purchase and use of low-emission vehicles
7. Invest for maximum benefit from public transport
8. Use new development as an opportunity to set standards that support the Access Plan


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