From community energy schemes to farmers, to food producers, more and more people are using farm-sized wind power to generate energy.

It’s great for them and it means more places for everyone to get electricity from.  They’re growing local, home-grown energy, and we need you to get behind them.

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Wind power is vital to the Big 60,000, it helps keep farmers and food producers in business and 80% of Community Energy Schemes use it.

But the Big 60,000 is in danger. The government is dramatically reducing the incentives to invest in a turbine. It will mean British manufacturers go out of business, jobs will be lost and it will be harder for communities to generate their own power. 

Energy Minister Greg Barker has said he’s a big supporter of the Big 60,000. He wants to make sure that people are free to take responsibility over where our energy comes from and have more control over costs.

We need you to tell Greg Barker how important Big 60,000 is.

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